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New Arch Studio: turnkey projects

When you have to design your own interiors, it can be a real hassle and a problematic job. There are several types of service people you will have to coordinate with such as carpenters, masons, furniture stores, painters, upholstery, electricians, window and door installers, and contractors, the list is endless. The best way to bypass such a headache is to opt for turnkey project services that will have your interior design company take over the entire job for you after an agreement of a budget is made.

Comprehensive end to end turnkey project services

Turnkey project services are usually provided to one contact by professional interior design services such as New Arch Studio. The service is a comprehensive architectural and interior designing job that involves end to end interior design services as per a customer’s requirement.

New Arch Studio provides complete turnkey project management, complete design integration and start to finish on site execution. We deal with our own exclusive contractors so that customers gain the advantage of a single window of accountability right from planning and concept to moving into a new home. We know what it takes to be a professional interior design service. Our turnkey project management services always take into account the budget and cost estimation as the first step of the design process. This helps a customer understand the budget in relation to the design process, timeframe, and development.

What turnkey projects include

When you opt for turnkey project services, the advantages are endless. The nightmare of dealing with the interior design process on your own is prevented because your interior design company will manage the flow of jobs.

  • Concept, planning and design
  • Estimate and budget
  • Design approvals
  • Material selection
  • Materials procurement
  • Vendor management
  • Quality control
  • Construction and finishing
  • Interiors and furnishing
  • Final delivery

New Arch Studio is one of the top-rated interior design companies in Noida and Delhi that handles several aspects of interior design jobs besides turnkey projects. We always strive for the primary objective of providing customers with a comprehensive construction and interior design solution. Interior design and architectural construction depend foremost on good planning, and we make every plan perfect, right from concept to implementation. This is why, when it comes to turnkey project solutions, we are one of the most dependable companies in the industry.

The main advantages of hiring turnkey project services

Besides the points discussed, there are some major advantages of acquiring turnkey project services.

  • Hassle free project management: A turnkey project manager involves a single contractor with a single point of dealing. There are no other contractors involved. It is time-saving and gives you immense peace of mind.
  • Cost effective: Turnkey project services are extremely cost-effective because there are no hidden extra expenses involved. The estimate and budget are declared at the beginning of the project and all costs are mentioned firsthand. There is total transparency in the process.
  • Organized and as per schedule: In a turnkey project management services, the entire interior design project or the architectural projects is handled in perfect harmony and in an organized manner. Since there are no different contractors involved, everything is coordinated by a single team.
  • Minimum responsibility: The client does not have to accept any further responsibility if the project once the initial estimate and budget agreement is over. Every step of the construction and interior design process is handled by the interior design company.
  • Prompt and efficient services: because the entire interior design project is handled by a single window of management, the entire project goes smoothly, efficiently and in an organized manner. In this way, the project is completed within the stipulated deadline with quality finishes.

New Arch Studio is well known not just for its creativity of design but also its expertise and efficiency in handling various turnkey project services for both residential and commercial design services. We help you decide the best plan so that your project is always a smooth and hassle free one.

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